About Me


My name is Nicholas T. Bennett. I have been in IT for just over 17 years, with a strong skillset in Virtualization, MS 365/Intune/AAD and Active Directory, It is my biggest passion oustide of travel, I have spent most of my life growing up overseas and have been to 65+ countries so far across 4 contienents. I spend a lot of time in Tech even outside of work as I have a large home environment to maintain.

For my Home Lab and Home Production I have two 24U racks filled with Enterprise Kit including 4 Hypervisors in 2 clusters comprising of Proxmox for Home Prod and ESXI/vCenter for Home Lab, Full 10Gig SFP, Firewall and Core Switch, Synology NAS as well as my main desktop, Full PBX with several IP Phones of varrying brands through out the house, Full AD, Azure AD, Office365 with Hybrid-Sync and finally the rest of the space is filled with Appliances and Bare-Metal Linix Hosts running things like stand alone services/applications as well as a Docker swarm cluster.

Work History

IT Manager - Omni Hotels & Resorts
July 2023 - Present

Manage IT Department across two properties, Maintain Vendor relationships, Manage projects, Manage Budget, Assign tickets and project work to team, Ocasional field work and site visits.

Systems Administrator Mid-Market - Resultant
Sept. 2021 - Nov 2022

Focus mainly on one client that is a city government with a heavy vmware and Azure/Intune/o365 environment, Ocasionally will Pull tickets from various boards at various stages in ticket life, Troubleshoot and Remdiate issues, Conduct monthly maintainance, Excecute Project work, Maintain Client Relationships. On-call Rotation.

Systems Administrator - Contract - Gallop Tech
Apr. 2021 - Aug. 2021

Manage clients, Perform Maintainance, Impliment infrastructure, Light Dispatching, Onsite travel, overall general sysadmin tasks on top of project work. Mainly on-prem AD, AzureAD/Intune/o365, Vmware Virtualization

Systems Administrator - Garden of the Gods Collection
Feb. 2019 - Apr. 2021

Maintain Infrastructure including Hyper-Visors, Server, Firewalls, Switches, Routers, End User Hardware, IT Ticket System. Diagnose and Troubleshoot Infrastructure and End User issues as needed. Build and Deploy Systems. Maintain on-call Protocols and Proce- dures. Build, Deploy, Manage Docker environment. Troubleshoot Au- dio and Video Systems. Maintain and troubleshoot Salto Access Con- trol, Maintain and Resolve End User Tickets. Also provided support for an onsite Medical Wellness Center and Medical Billing company. Deploy and Maintain Infrastructure for GPON System. Manage and maintain Office 365 with Azure AD hyrbid and intune.

IT Manager - Safety Station & Ink182
Mar. 2016 - Feb. 2019

Designed the Infrastructure from scratch, Built out servers, firewalls, routers, and switches, Deployed entire infrastructure, maintain and troubleshoot as needed. Deployed hybrid aad/o365 fron scratch. Manage and maintain Cloud infrastructure

Lead iOS/Mac Repair Technician - Colorado IPhone Repair
Dec. 2014 - Mar. 2016

Diagnose, Troubleshoot, and Repair various iOS, Macintosh and other devices as well as oversee the other technicians and office clerical duties.

Owner/Consultant - Self Employed - Tech Relay
Jan. 2013 - Present

Design, Build, Deploy, and Maintain Infrastructure. Migrate on-prem to cloud offerings like azure/365. Strong focus on Intune, AzureAD (on prem AD as well) and office 365 General Support and Maintainance.


Languages: Basics of Powershell and SQL.

WebDev Basics: HTML, CSS, PHP.

Design: Basic AutoCAD, Basic Adobe Suite.

Cloud/Directory Very Adept knowledge of On-Prem AD, Azure AD, Intune, Office 365/MS 365. Over 10+ years Experience

Virtualization: VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, Proxmox, Docker, LXC, KVM/QEMU. Over 10+ years of vmware experience.

Infrastructure: Design, Build, Deploy, Maintain Servers and Network or other Infrastructure, .

Help Desk: Diagnose and Troubleshoot Applications, Systems, Networks and/or Devices and provide support to End Users.

Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, MCSA/MCSE, ACMT.

Other: MS Office, MS Active Directory On-Prem., MS Exchange On-Prem, MS Azure AD, LDAP, Git, Linux, Windows xp-10, Windows Server 2008-2016, MacOS All Versions, CAT5/6 Cabling and Terminations, Coax Cabiling and Terminations, Firewalls, SIP and other PBX related skills, Various Datacenter Skills.

Continued Education

MOOC’s: Introduction to HTML, PHP, JS, SQL & Python Courses on Datacamp. Ethical Hacking & Security Specialization, Automate the boring stuff, Ultimate Penetration Testing, Powershell Basics, Penetration and Bug Bounty Hunting, Website Hacking and Security, Penetration Testing Basics.

E-Books: Automate the boring stuff, Powershell in a month of lunches.

LAB: I am constantly adding hardware to my lab, Spinning up new Appliances and Applications, Software, etc… to stay current with emerging tech. I currently have two 24U racks with two Hypervisor clusters, full AD with hybrid sync and AAD, full PBX setup with sip trunk to name a few.